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In-Home Pet Sitting


We Come To You

No more worrying about the stress on your pets from kennels or boarding. Let them stay where they are happiest and most comfortable, at home. Our Pet Sitters will come to your house to provide care, walks, playtime, love, attention, and more for your pets. Whatever it is your pets need, we will provide according to your instructions. Each visit you book is for a specified amount of time (15min, 30min, 1hour or stay overnight). Book as many as you need, as frequent as you'd like.


Personalized Services

The time you book with your Pet Sitter is solely for your pets and home. Customize each visit any way you want. Breakfast & potty break at the morning visit, walks & playtime at the mid-day visit, water the plants and take out the trash at the afternoon visit, rotate blinds & lights, give medications, etc. and so on! Whatever it is your pet(s) and home need, we're there to take care of it for you, according to your preferred schedule, while you are away.


Detailed Communication

Our client portal has many unique features, such as the Journal updates & Scheduler. Each visit, we check-in & out, logging our time & GPS location. After each visit you're emailed a detailed journal with notes, photos, & time log. You can leave comments on journals, rate visits, view schedule to see if a visit is in progress, add notes to individual visits, and more. There's no doubt if someone came by, when, how long they stayed, or if they remembered all the little details.


Professional Pet Sitter

There are a myriad of options when it comes to hiring a Pet Sitter. Should you use a friend, family member, neighbor, company or sitter from a pet sitting App? We won’t lie, it’s a bit daunting. But, the benefits of using a professional company, far outweigh the other options. Professional Pet Sitters are small business owners in your community who have such a great love and passion for animal care, they dedicate their entire lives to creating and running a business revolving around it. We spend countless hours educating ourselves on every aspect of animal care so we can provide complete peace of mind in knowing your pets & home are in the best possible hands. Read on to learn more about the outstanding benefits of using a Professional Pet Sitting Company.

Professional or Friends, Family, & Neighbors?

Friends, Family, & Neighbors can be great options as far as trustworthiness goes. But, what about handling emergencies or the unexpected? Will they be able to recognize signs of illness, injury or stress? Can they spring into action to provide proper emergency medical treatment to an animal in critical condition? What about emergencies outside of the home? Do they keep tools on them such as extra collars, harnesses or leashes if one breaks? How would they handle an aggressive loose dog approaching during a walk? Common emergencies for dogs include bloat, heat-exhaustion, poisoning, choking hazards & intestinal blockages, GI upset from stress, and more. Cats often hide illness really well and subtle changes are difficult to spot before it becomes critical. AC’s break, pipes burst, and electrical problems happen. Extreme weather suddenly pops up. These are things to consider AND things we have dealt with over the years. Anything can happen. Who better to have on your side than someone who is prepared and educated to handle these kind of emergencies?

Professional or Pet Sitting App?

Pet Sitting Apps like Rover & Wag! are gaining popularity. But, there’s one major problem with these platforms. The lack of thoroughly screening the people using it to offer services. Accounts are created online with no interview process whatsoever. Some apps screen with basic, multiple choice questionnaires that anyone can google answers to. And while Wag! requires a very basic background check, Rover merely requires a social security # to verify identity. Their background check is optional. Reviews can be added easily by anyone you send a link to, and right there in section 2.6 of Rovers T.O.S. it literally states “Pet Owners are Solely Responsible for Evaluating Service Providers.” and goes on to explain that they perform limited reviews of applicants, screening may not be accurate, complete, or up to date, and Sitter reviews may not be legitimate.

Why is this bad? The interview process allows us to thoroughly screen applicants in person. We can discuss in detail how they would handle certain situations, their knowledge on animal behavior, pet medical emergencies and signs off illness, and gauge their personality to see what kind of human being they are. The background checks we run are costly and thorough. They provide more information than just the local criminal records a basic search from one of these apps does. Ours cover child & animal abuse registries, terrorist watchlists, alias lists, etc. and are run on a multi-county, state, and federal level.

We’re not saying EVERY Sitter using these Apps is a horrible human being. There’s just no real screening to protect you from those who are. This is important when trusting a stranger to care for your home & pets for the first time. You owe it to yourself and your pets to know who is coming into your home and how it will be protected if something goes wrong.

Why Tampa Pet Sitters?

Because WE CARE. We CARE enough to educate ourselves on all aspects of pet care. Animal behavior, Pet medical emergencies, Diet & Nutrition, Health & signs of illnesses, and so much more. We CARE enough to make sure we’re CPR & First Aid certified so knowledge is fresh in our mind and we can ACT fast in an emergency. We CARE enough to make sure your home & pets are protected from accidents with liability insurance and bonding for our business. We CARE enough to educate ourselves with Certifications, Affiliations, and Memberships through Animal Welfare & Educational Organizations so we can offer you more than just pet care, we can provide you with resources and education for anything you need to know about your pets. And mostly, just because WE CARE about animals and their welfare. We want them to have the best of everything in life. Thats why we do all this. That’s why we dedicate our entire lives and careers to Pet Care. This is a Labor of LOVE business. Not a hobby, not a side job, it’s our calling, our passion! We LOVE caring for animals.

In-Home Pet Sitting - Pricing

PRICING IS PER VISIT & Does not include weekend or holiday surcharges

Timed Visits

Available between 7:00am-10:00pm

These timed visits are good for pets that don’t require constant companionship. Cats, birds, and other small animals generally do well with 1-2 visits per day. Dogs that can be left alone for longer periods of time do well with 3-4 visits per day. Schedule as many visits you’d like and spread them throughout the day for best coverage. If you need visits longer than 1 hour, please contact us to inquire about a more specific schedule. You might also want to consider our Sleepover Stays for all night companionship.


$ 16


Subject to Surcharges
(see below)


$ 21


Subject to Surcharges
(see below)


$ 32


Subject to Surcharges
(see below)

Discounts available through our Project Trade program. See details at bottom of Dog Training page.

Sleepover Stays

Available between 9:00pm - 7:00am

Sleepovers are best for pets that require constant companionship. Puppies, seniors, special needs, high energy or anxious dogs do best with someone there all night. We just need a cozy place to sleep, and we’ll give them the best slumber party imaginable! Walks and play before bed and in the morning are included, along with other care requirements like feeding, medications, ect. Combine with timed visits during the day for round the clock pet care!

Sleepover Stay

9:00pm - 7:00am

$ 80


Subject to Surcharges
(see below)

Discounts available through our Project Trade program. See details at bottom of Dog Training page.

Details & Procedures

In-Home Pet Sitting


Depending on your pet(s) individual needs, we’ll customize a schedule & visits according to your requests. We can provide basic animal care such as feeding, medications, dog walks & exercise, playtime, and snuggle-time. We can also provide advanced care for seniors, puppies, special needs pets, and dogs with anxiety or some behavioral issues(see policies & f.a.q. for more details). We also tend to little details such as making sure pet(s) food & water bowls and feeding area are kept clean and sanitized. We’ll change & clean litter boxes on request, keep litter areas swept or vacuumed, along with litter trails through the house and clean up any messes or accidents made by pet(s). For your home, we bring in the mail & deliveries daily, can rotate lights off/on, blinds & curtains, adjust AC, water indoor & outdoor plants, take out & bring in trash and recycling bins on scheduled days, take out inside trash on the last day, and any other small home care requests you would like while you are gone.


Unlike many other companies, we do NOT charge for additional pets. If you have 1 pet, or 100, we only charge for our time. However, if you do have multiple pets and/or very detailed instructions, we ask that you please take time into consideration when booking as it may take us a bit longer to complete your pet care routine than you.  If not enough time is booked and visits are consistently taking longer than the time requested, we will adjust your schedule to either longer visit times or add extra visit at additional charges. These changes will always be discussed with you first, unless you or your emergency contact can’t be reached. Then it will be at our discretion.


In-Home Pet Sitting is available 365 days a year 24/7. All 15min, 30min, and 1 hr visits are booked between 7am – 11pm. If your pet needs care outside of those hours, our Sleepover Stay service is available between 9pm-7am.  Visits are booked in a 2 hour time frame within those hours(Ex: 9a-11a, 10a-12p, 11a-1p, Ect.) Your Sitter will arrive within that time frame. Sleepover Stays are booked between 9pm – 7am. Your Sitter will arrive between 9p-10pm and leave between 7am-8am. It is very difficult to determine an exact time of arrival when we have to factor in traffic, weather, & other pets.  As I’m sure you know, pets can sometimes decide to have a time frame of their own and a previous visit can unexpectedly take longer for many reasons.

All services are on a first come, first serve basis. We are very busy during Holidays & the summer and we can not guarantee availability if you wait until the last minute to book. Booking in advance allows us time to move around the schedule to accommodate more people. Please see our Policies page for more details.


When you book services for the first time, management will discuss your schedule, reserve your initial requests for you in the client portal and send you an invite to create your client account. Once the account is created & information is filled out, you may adjust and make your own changes if you wish. Once you are an active client, you may request services via the client portal scheduler at any time. All changes, cancellations, and requests must be made via the scheduler in the portal from here on out. This allows us to keep an organized log of all client requests. Please see our Policies page for more details about requesting services, schedule changes, and cancellations.


Payments are made before services begin via the client portal by credit or debit card. We do not take cash or check, unless you are a new client booking your first service. In that case, cash or check payment can only be made once at the initial Meet & Greet, before your services begin. After that, they must be made via credit or debit card in the client portal. We don’t require it, but do suggest you keep a Credit Card on file in the client portal if you plan to regularly use our services. Invoices for booked services are sent out well in advance and auto-charged on due date to the card on file.  Payments not made by due date will result in late fees and services will be suspended until payment is made.  Cancellations and schedule changes are allowed, but must fall within our Policies in order to receive credit. Refunds are not available and only credit for future services will be given. Please see our Policies page for more details about payments & late fees, schedule changes, cancellations and credits.


The minimum amount of visits you must schedule for your pet varies. For cats, birds, and other small animals other than dogs, we require at least 1x visit per day. For dogs, we require at least 3x visits per day. Your pets safety and health is of our upmost concern. We will not sacrifice the quality of our care or take any risks when it comes to your pets. If someone else will be in your home during our service period or also providing care to your pets, please see our Policies page for more details regarding the liability of those situations.


Pet Sitting services are subject to the following Surcharges:

Please see Policies page for more details.

Service Area Zip Codes: 33629, 33611, 33616, 33609, 33602, 33606, & 33621. Restrictions apply to some zip codes. View our F.A.Q. page for more details. VIEW F.A.Q.


Contact us via phone or email to discuss your pets needs and book a FREE Meet & Greet with your Dog Walkers.