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Looking to join our team of Pet Care Professionals?

At Tampa Pet Sitters, our team of Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters can all be described as:

If you feel these qualities describe you, read our requirements and submit an application below.

Do you have a PASSION for


Working with animals is truly a rewarding experience. But, it’s not all perfectly behaved, adorable puppies and kittens. It’s hard work. We handle all types of animals ranging from Dogs & Cats, Small Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, and more! Each animal has their own unique needs, care requirements, training levels, quirks, and personality. Plus, every Pet Owner has their own routine and preference on how their pets are handled. We provide the best quality of care we can according to each client’s request. Our client’s happiness is just as important as their pets happiness.

Our work isn’t just playing with animals all day. We take care of our clients homes and property as well. Also, caring for their pets often requires more than just walks, feeding, and scooping litter. It’s cleaning up messes & accidents, providing comfort when pets are sad, scared, or stressed, helping clients with training, medical care for special needs pets, and much much more. While their pets happiness is important, their mental and physical health is equally as important. This requires us to have a good understanding of their behavior and basic first aid. We need to be able to recognize signs of a stressed, scared or anxious dog so we handle them in a way that it doesn’t escalate into a bite or escape. We need to recognize subtle signs of illness and injury and provide basic medical treatment or know when to get them to a vet ASAP in an emergency.

Our clients put their complete faith and trust in us. They expect their home & pets to be in the exact same shape as they left. A lot of responsibility comes with that. If you feel this is the right fit for you, and meet the requirements listed under this section – Please fill out the application below. We’d love to chat with you more!

Do you meet ALL of the following


  • Must live in or within 2 miles of our Service Area

  • Must own a reliable vehicle to travel between multiple appointments per day

  • Must own a smart phone with: Texting, Camera, Internet, & GPS

  • Must submit to & pass a background check

  • Must be comfortable working outdoors in Florida heat & rain (we do not cancel or cut short appointments, we make adjustments to accommodate weather – obvious exceptions are made for dangerous weather)

  • Must be 21 years old or older

  • Must provide professional references (previous jobs, clients, co-workers – no friends or family)

  • Must be physically capable of handling large and/or strong animals (this is the only exception as we do have some Sitters who only work with small animals)

  • Must have previous pet care experience(professional or personal, if you have never cared for or owned an animal, this would not the job to gain experience, we suggest contacting your local shelter for volunteer opportunities)

  • Must be physically capable of walking several miles per day

  • Must have basic understanding of Dog & Cat behavior to recognize signs of a stressed, anxious, or fearful animal

  • Must have basic understanding of Dog & Cat Health and First Aid to recognize common signs of illness & injury(Certification not required, but a bonus)

  • Must have great time management and communication skills, be detail-oriented, able to work independently, and able to follow extensive & very specific instructions

Apply below & Join our Team!

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