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Our deepest apologies - due to COVID19 our availability is limited and we're temporarily unable to accept new clients at this time. Please feel free to email us your information, and we will contact you when we are able to take new clients again! Stay safe!
Our deepest apologies - due to COVID19 our availability is limited and we're temporarily unable to accept new clients at this time. Please feel free to email us your information, and we will contact you when we are able to take new clients again! Stay safe!

Experience the Difference

Why choose us?


Family Approach

Unlike other companies, we don't just take a little info online, then send a stranger to provide pet care. We get to know your pets like Family. Before any services begin, our Pet Care Professionals come to your home for a Meet & Greet with you AND your pets so you can all go over every little detail of their care. You'll get to know them a bit and your pets have time to interact and bond with them so they'll be at ease when they visit later. Your pets get see the same friendly faces each time you book services, allowing them to get to know each other so well, they're like Family stopping by. If there's ever a change in one of those faces, you'll always be notified in advance and given the opportunity to meet them in person beforehand. Once you're established as a client, we're here for you 24/7 for all of your pet care needs - Long work hours, travel, or emergencies - you know your pets and home will be well taken care of. After all, we're Family.


Security & Peace of Mind

Our Pet Care Professionals have passed a thorough screening process to work with us so you can feel comfortable knowing your pets are in the best hands. To be sure we share the same philosophies on pet care and animal welfare, we conduct extended interviews over the phone and in-person. Getting to know them and the extent of their knowledge on subjects such as: animal behavior and body language, pet medical emergencies and signs of illness, various types of pet care equipment, and how to handle various emergency situations. References, previous employment & clients are all cross-checked and we run a federal background check, including child & animal abuse registries and more. If we feel they share our same values, they shadow visits with us so they gain a complete understanding of our client's expectations in their level of care and so we can evaluate how they interact with your pets. If everyone is happy, They join our Team and become a part of our Family!


Emergency Preparedness

Life is unpredictable, and emergencies happen. Animals are intelligent, but make some questionable choices. (WHY did my Dog eat that bee?) That's why we're SO thorough in knowing everything we can about your pets and home in advance of services. Trust us, if we don't know where the water shutoff is, we'll need it! Some of the Emergency information we cover is: Emergency Contact if you can't be reached, Emergency Pet Guardianship form if you don't return from a trip, Emergency Vet Form so we can approve life saving medical treatment at a vet if you can't be reached, and your Emergency Hurricane Evacuation plan for what needs to be done if we're mid-service, you're unable to return, and we're all evacuated. We've got your Pet's health covered too. Our Pet CPR & First Aid Certification means we're trained to recognize signs of illness or injury, and able to jump into action to provide emergency medical care or treatment, stabilize them for transport to a Veterinarian, or just know when something seems off and it can't wait until you get home. Also, Management is Fear-Free Certified which means we're well equipped to handle pets that become overly stressed, fearful or anxious while you're gone. We're fully prepared to handle nearly any and all emergency situations that could arise in your absence. We may also know a plumber or two!


Education & Resources

This is something we do a little different than other Pet Care providers. We have affiliations and memberships with several Pet Education and Animal Welfare Organizations - Pet Professional Guild, Project Trade, Fear-Free Pets, INTOdogs, DoggoneSafe, The Dog Welfare Alliance, ICAN, and Shock-Free Coalition. Through them we can offer a lot of Educational Resources and Benefits. We even have a dedicated Facebook group for you, which is simply a collection of resources for those interested in learning more about their pets. It consists mainly of articles on animal behavior science and studies, pet care and dog training tips, health and nutrition tips, and more. You can get questions answered on specific pet related topics or concerns and we have special members consisting of Trainers, Behaviorists, and Pet Nutrition pros available to help. As we love to learn and share knowledge, we thought clients would like a little extra in addition to the best Pet Care in Tampa.

Scheduling & Communications are quick and easy!

Advanced Client Portal

Choose your services & time frames and add specific notes or reminders for individual visits or book add-on services. Request, Cancel, or Update those services on the fly. Access your schedule anytime from any device and see it live to know who is coming each visit. You’ll be able to see if a visit is currently in progress, if it’s been completed, or if an update has been sent yet.

After EVERY visit you’re emailed a journal detailing how it went with a checklist of duties completed, notes about your pets activities(including potty details), and pictures of their adventures. Journals also include what time your Pet Care Professional arrived and left. You can leave comments on the journals and even rate each visit 1-5 stars after. The portal has GPS tracking so we always know where our Pet Care Professionals are when they’re with your pets and that their arrival/departure times are correct. BONUS: ALL Journal Photos are automatically saved in a Gallery, so you can view them anytime and even share with family, friends, or to social media.

All payments are done online for easy tracking. Invoices are sent in advance and can be viewed with ample time before the due date. Payment can be auto-mated by saving your card to your account. Once stored, Invoices will auto-charge on the due dates and you’ll never have to worry about late fees. If you like to switch cards for payments each time, reminders are sent as the due date approaches to also help avoid those pesky late fees! You can add tips to your Invoices beforehand, or separately after your services are completed.

Each Client account has a profile for both their home and each of their pets. Your Pet Care Professional can view this anytime during services so no detail of your home or Pets care is missed. Home profiles include information such as: Your contact information & Emergency Contacts, Parking & Access instructions, location of cleaning supplies & pet supplies, inside/outside trash & trash/recycle days, Emergency supplies & plans, water shutoff/break box location, extra duties you’d like us to perform(pick up mail, water plants, rotate blinds, adjust AC), and more. Pet Profiles cover: Pet routine, personality, likes & dislikes, any training commands they know, quirks, medical information, vet information, feeding & care routine, and MORE!

Real Reviews


Tampa Pet Sitters has taken care of our cats for the past 3 years and we couldn’t be happier with their service! They are incredibly knowledgeable about animals and completely reliable and trustworthy. Booking is very easy and we can enjoy our trips knowing that they’re loving on our pets like they’re their own. We get an awesome emailed report after every visit that includes an update about how they’re doing and cute pictures of their adventures. Tampa Pet Sitters is everything you’d want for the care of your pets and I highly recommend them!

— Laura Gage


As an owner of a new puppy, we were looking for dog walkers that would care for baby as much as we do. When I found Shauna and her team nearly two years ago, this is exactly what we found! Our labrador retriever is genuinely spoiled by all of the team that walks him daily. They are caring, professional and comitted to giving Teddy the best of their time-every time they come. He has learned commands from them as well as had fun with them on his daily walk. TPS is highly convenient and flexible in their services. We just got another puppy and the TPS team has been amazing in helping us in everyway to welcome our new baby! I feel so fortunate to have found them and made them a part of our family!

— Raquel Hernandez

Google Review

This is an 11 out of 10 definitely recommend. They love our little puppy like their own. They came out to meet him and cared to understand where his food, water, treats, and cleaning supplies would be located in the event of an accident or emergency. Recently, our puppy ate something he was not supposed to and required surgery. We had to make changes in our walking and pet sitting schedule on short notice. They showed that they truly care about him, were able to be with him during the day on short notice, give medications, etc.

— Jaymin Patel

Google Review

Shauna and her pet sitters are the best! This was my first experience leaving my cat alone while I was out of town, and it couldn't have gone smoother. The process starts with a nerve-settling meet and greet, where you and your pet meet with your potential pet sitters — this ensures everyone gets along and definitely helps put your mind at ease. I know it did mine! I used Tampa Pet Sitters while I was away getting married, and the daily updates they send with photos are such a welcome part of being away! My husband and I always looked forward to seeing what our little guy was up to, and reading the updates. The pet sitters are always very thorough and friendly, and their updates do not leave you wondering. They also left my little guy's food and litter area cleaner than when I left. Thank you SO MUCH, Shauna, Deniz, Samantha and the team!

— Jessica Lalau

Google Review

I have tried several pet sitters and Tampa Pet Sitters is by far the best! I use them for daily walks, feedings, medicine and overnight stays in my home. They are highly reliable and completely trustworthy. I have 3 dogs, one of which was heavily abused before I got her. They are so patient and understanding with her that I never have to worry. The on-line portal for scheduling and payment is so convenient and easy to use and I love the automatic check in so I always know when they are at my house. I've used them for several years now and would never use anyone else. They truly are lifesavers for me!!

— Jennifer Northway Palhete

Facebook Review

I love all the ladies at Tampa Pet Sitters (especially Debbie and Shauna). They are SO incredibly organized and thorough, and I know they truly care about my cats and doing their very best all the time. Communication is always quick and easy, and I like the online scheduling and communication system that they use. They are the best pet sitters I’ve ever had. I ABSOLUTELY love the journal entries for each visit with notes and pictures. Thank you all so much.

— Elizabeth Leon

Google Review

Shauna and her team are amazing. Bo loves when they come over to hang out with her. They are always on time and make her visit special. I have scheduled last minute a few times and they have been accommodating. Would definitely recommend setting up a visit.

— Desiree Anglero

Facebook Review

Shauna and her team are like a second family to my dog Ace and I do not know what i would do without them. I have a crazy work schedule and they are always there to help with my dog and they take the best care of him. Being a new puppy owner I have had a ton of questions along the way and Shauna has always been there helping me along the way. SO SO lucky to have found such an amazing team of people and do not know what i would do without them. If my dog could write a review i am sure he would be saying the same thing.

— Brandi Holmes

Google Review

Tampa Pet Sitters is great. Have used them for years. They take great care of the dogs and even tell on them if they are bad. Lol. I have total confidence in them when going on vacation and can totally relax knowing they are in great hands and are spoiled.

— Amy Thiel

Google Review

ampa Pet Sitters was recommended to me by several family members- the whole furry family is now watched over and taken care of by the awesome staff. They are incredibly thorough and pleasant to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to leave my babies with them. We are so grateful to have found a reliable pet sitting service.

— Emily H.

Facebook Review

Tampa Pet Sitters -they will come to your house as many times per day to walk, feed, bring the mail etc. very trustworthy and highly recommend-have used them for a couple of years and my dog loves them!

— Toni Giglio

Facebook Review

I never have to worry about our two girls (dogs) when we go out of town ❤️ it’s a wonderful feeling and I can’t thank Tampa Pet Sitters enough for that!

— Alex Hernandez

Facebook Review

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