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New Client Consultation

Before any services may begin, an in-home client consultation must be scheduled. We call this the “Meet & Greet.” This usually takes between 30 to 60 minutes. It is very important that we meet you and your pet(s) so that they have a chance to get to know us and are familiar with us before we enter your home while you are away. During this visit we will go over your pets routine and have you show us where you keep whats needed to care for them while you are away. We will also go over the services you’ll need, schedule them, go over the contract, and pick up the house keys & possibly payment if you prefer to pay in advance or will need to pay with cash or check. Before this visit we will email you an invite to our online system where you will need to fill out yours and your pets profile, vet information, and Vaccine information. This is mandatory to have this filled out prior to the Meet & Greet, no exceptions. We also include in this email a Vet Release Form, which allows us to legally have your pet treated at the vet if we can’t reach you in a worst case scenario, and an Emergency Pet Guardianship Form, which, also worst case scenario, tells us who to call to care for your pet in the event you don’t return.

Back-up Sitters

In the event of injury, illness or emergency of your primary sitter, there are always 2+ back-up sitters sent to the “Meet & Greet” so that there are always at least three people available to care for your pet. Tampa Pet Sitters ensure you that your pets and your home are never left unattended.


ALL Reservations MUST be made directly with the office via online scheduling in the client portal located @ www.TPSlogin.com. We will no longer be accepting schedule requests or changes via email, phone call, or text. It must all go through the client portal. Requests are approved and confirmed via the software within 24 hours. Requests for services made less than 24 hours in advance will be tended to ASAP and may be subject to Last Minute Surcharges. You will receive an email confirmation letting you know the visits are scheduled and confirmed along with your invoice. You may view your assigned pet sitter for each visit by logging in to your account and viewing your schedule.

To access the Client Portal visit www.TPSlogin.com. New Clients will need to create a New Account OR contact us via phone or email and we will send you an invite to the client portal to create your account. Current clients just log in with the login details you were previously provided. Reservations or scheduling changes are not to be scheduled with sitter directly. Sitter will ask you to schedule directly with the office via Client Portal to ensure accuracy and to have a back up plan in place in case of an emergency. If you have any issues with scheduling via the client portal, please contact the office via email, phone call, or text so that we can assist you.

*PLEASE NOTE – it is best to book in advance as the Holidays and Summer months fill up fast. Once the schedule is full we can not accept last minute reservations. Often, most Holidays are booked to capacity 1-2 weeks in advance.

Payments – Weekly Dog Walking

All Weekly Dog Walking Clients are required to have a credit card on file due to our Automated Invoice & Payment processing. Payment for services are charged 1 day prior to the first date of service unless other arrangements have been discussed. For Weekly Dog Walking, this means Invoices are charged the Sunday before the week your service starts.

**If for some reason other arrangements are made, There is a 2 day grace period, however, any Invoices not paid by the 3rd day after the due date will be assessed a late fee of $10 every day until the week ends. Once that week ends, all services will be halted until payment is caught up. There will be no “running tabs.”

**Returned checks are subject to an additional $35 charge.

Cancellations – Weekly Dog Walking

Cancellations for the upcoming week must be put in prior to the due date on the invoice to avoid being charged. If you need to make cancellations for your walks during the week, it must be done 24 hours in advance(or the day prior) to the walk being canceled to receive a full credit. Credits are limited to 1 per week(or 4 per month). Due to the highly discounted rate for weekly walks, Cancellations made outside of this policy receive no credit. ALL Cancellations MUST be done via the Client Portal. We will no longer accept cancellations via text, email, or phone call. All requests via Client Portal are immediately seen by both Management and the Sitter. If you are having any issues with putting in a cancellation via the Client Portal, please contact the office immediately for assistance via phone call, text, or email. Credits are applied to the following weeks invoice unless otherwise requested. Credits can be applied towards any service. Any unused Weekly Walks Credits will Expire in 90days.

Payments – Pet Sitting

Payment for services are due 5 days before the first date of service unless other arrangements have been discussed. We highly recommend you leave a credit card on file due to our Automated Invoice & Payment processing. However, if you choose to forego this option, We will not accept cash or checks for these services unless you are paying in advance at the Meet & Greet. Payments not made on the due date will result in a $10 per day late fee. In the event of Non-payment, service will be immediately suspended until payment is made. If you decide to extend your leave, additional payments MUST be made within 2 days of your return. Non-payment for extended trips will result in a late fee of $10 per day up to 10 days and will be sent to collections immediately after the 10 day mark.

Cancellations – Pet Sitting

In the event you need to cancel services, we require notice via Client Portal at LEAST 5 days prior to the first scheduled visit(invoice due date). Many times we are forced to refuse clients due to unavailable time. During these instances we greatly appreciate your advanced notice of cancellation. If canceling less than 5 days prior to scheduled departure, Tampa Pet Sitters retains 50% of the deposit, the remainder will be issued as a credit. Credits will be applied towards the next booked service. Unused Pet Sitting credits will expire in 6 months from date issued. Since we decline other reservations that coincide with yours, Tampa Pet Sitters upholds this policy. If you decide to return early from a trip, no credits will be issued. We understand emergencies do happen and we are willing to work with you under certain circumstances, please contact the office via phone, text, or email in the event of an emergency.

*Returned checks are subject to an additional $35 charge.

***PLEASE NOTE – When you arrive home, you will need to let the office know immediately, otherwise, we will continue to visit your pet. Any additional visits will be billed. You may contact us to let us know you returned safely via email or message in the Client Portal, Phone Call, or Text.

Surcharge Policies

Weekend Surcharge – $3 per visit will be applied to all Services, including Overnights, scheduled on Saturday or Sunday
Holiday Surcharge – $5 per visit will be applied to all Services, including Overnights, on Holidays & Holiday Weekends(Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, and New Years Day .)

Additional Pets Surcharges – We no longer charge for additional pets. We charge by how long it will take us to complete the assignment. Please note: If you have multiple pets and/or very detailed instructions and you do not choose a long enough time frame, you will be charged extra if it takes us longer to complete the assignment. Please understand we do not live with your pets as you do daily, it can sometimes take us just a few more minutes to complete your pet care routine than it would take you. Especially if you are a new client or one we do not see often.

Last Minute Booking, Schedule Changes & Surcharges

A surcharge will be applied for all service requests & changes made less than 24 hours in advance. The first visit/schedule change will have a $10 surcharge. Additional visits/schedule changes(if more than one visit/schedule change is needed in a day) will have a $5 surcharge per visit. If you request multiple days of services/schedule changes Last Minute, only the first day of services will have surcharges. The days outside of the 24-hour time frame for Last Minute will not be surcharged. Last Minute requests/schedule changes are not guaranteed, but we will do our best to accommodate.

***We can not always accept new clients Last Minute. Due to the time needed to meet your pets before hand and get you set up in our client portal, we will not often accept any new client requests with less than 72 hours advance notice. Please see Policy below.

Parking Policies – Channelside/Downtown Parking Surcharges

All Channelside/Downtown Residents agree to provide free guest parking for Sitters. In the event that Sitters are unable to find parking in/near your building and need to pay for parking(due to an event or overcrowded parking lots), you agree to cover those charges. All Channelside/Downtown Residents will be required to leave a Credit Card on file at all times. You will be charged the exact amount paid for parking for each occurrence and provided a photo-copy receipt of the charges.

Extending Your Trip/Ending Trip Early

If you need to be out of town for longer than expected or must come home sooner than expected, please contact us via Client Portal, Phone Call, Text or Email to confirm unscheduled visits/canceling visits. We are very accommodating with extensions; however, if you do not receive confirmation within 8 hours, please use an additional method to contact us. Schedule changes are a priority we like to be on top of. We would hate to miss a message and have your pets care interrupted.

Last Minute Services – New Clients

We are happy to accept new clients on a last minute basis, however, please be aware, we still need to do a “Meet & Greet” and get you set up in our client portal. We will need at the very least a 72hr notice to make sure we have the availability to schedule the “Meet & Greet” and your service. If you can not give us at least a 72hr notice, we will most likely be unable to accept a new client. We will not enter a home where we have not formerly met the pet. No matter how friendly you say they are. NO EXCEPTIONS.

**For current clients who’s pets we are familiar with, please see the above policy titled “Last Minute Booking & Surcharges.”

Key & Access Policies

Option 1 : You can supply Tampa Pet Sitters with 3 copies of your house key. We will keep all keys in our key safe when service is not needed. One key is given to your primary sitter and one to a secondary sitter during your service period. The 3rd stays in the safe and will only be used in case of emergency if a key is lost or both Sitters become unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances. All keys are kept track of via the client portals key logging system and checked out to each Sitter who uses it and back in when they are done. In the event that a key is damaged or lost, you will be notified immediately and asked for another copy.

Option 2: If you do not wish to give us multiple copies of a key to hand out to Sitters, you can give us 1x emergency copy to keep in our safe and purchase a Realtor Lock Box from us for a one-time fee of $25. The lock box is yours to keep, simply place a key inside, provide us with the access code to put in your client portal, and place the lock box in an easy to reach area so we may enter your home.

PLEASE NOTE: If you live in a gated community, you must provide a gate card, remote or appropriate access codes. We will not access your apartment/condo via leasing office or following someone through the gate. You must also provide us with a backup option/plan if the keycard/remote/access code fails.

**If they key or access you give us is wrong or does not work and we have to order the service of a locksmith to get to your pets to make sure they are taken care of, you will be responsible for the entire bill.

**NO EXCEPTIONS – We will NOT pick up or leave keys “under the mat” or the like, and we will NOT lock the keys in the house on the last day. Keys should be given to the sitter during the “Meet & Greet.” If we need to come pick up the key at a later time there will be a Key Pickup fee of $10 to cover gas and time. We suggest that you let Tampa Pet Sitters retain your key for future service. Many of our clients enjoy the comfort of knowing that if something (i.e., working late and you can’t get to the animals, iron or stove left on, etc.) does come up, your pet sitter has a key and will be more than happy to help you out in a pinch. Keys will remain locked securely in a safe at the Tampa Pet Sitters headquarters for safe keeping. If you would prefer to have the key returned after services, we will do so by certified mail and A $10 fee will be applied.

New Locks/Codes or Changes to Pet Routine

When you reserve your service, we kindly ask you to please notify us of any changes, such as:

  • 1. Changes in animal care

  • 2. New pets

  • 3. New Training routines

  • 3. Emergency contact numbers

  • 4. Key and code changes

Pet Policies

Vaccinations – ALL pets should be up-to-date on vaccinations and proof submitted at the time of the “Meet & Greet.” Rabies Vaccinations are REQUIRED to be up to date and we must have the tag # on file before any service.

ID tags/Microchip – It is highly recommended that ALL pets wear identification tags while in our care. However, only dogs are REQUIRED to have identification. This can be in the form of a physical tag attached to a collar/harness or written proof that an up-to date microchip is in place. Tampa Pet Sitters highly recommends you to microchip your pets and keep that information up to date.

On/Off Leash & Fenced Yards – All dogs are required to be walked on a leash at all times unless they are to be let out into a completely fenced in yard. The yard will be checked for escape points during the Meet & Greet. If the fence is deemed to be unsafe or has damage or holes the dogs can escape through, they will be kept on a leash while outside. All dogs with electronic fences are also required to be on leash in any open outside areas at all times. From experience we have learned that not all electric fences are created equal and some dogs pain threshold can allow them to cross that fence.

** Tampa Pet Sitters reserves the right to refuse pet sitting care to any pet owner/animal for any reason.

Aggressive Pets

If you are not completely sure that your pet will allow a pet sitter into your home while you are NOT there, then we absolutely will NOT accept the pet sitting assignment. Entering your home when you are away is a condition of our pet sitting service; attempting to care for a potentially aggressive dog puts the pet sitter and your dog at risk and does not allow us to fulfill our promise to you to care for your pets and home.

If you did not realize that your dog would be aggressive (growling, bearing teeth, nip at pet sitter’s hand while attempting to put on leash, etc), and we have already begun pet sitting, then we will do our best to finish our assignment as agreed. However, Once your pet becomes aggressive, we do reserve the right to leave the home immediately and suspend service for both the Sitter and Dogs protection. Our ability to complete the assignment with the aggressive dog is up to the Sitters level of comfort in working with the aggressive dog. If we are unable to provide normal pet sitting duties due to your pet’s aggressiveness (walk your dog, get him or her outside to go potty), then regular fees and/or additional fees will apply if additional services and/or methods are needed. We cannot provide free or discounted visits for pet sitting if the dog’s aggressiveness prohibits us from performing our regular duties. If we are unable to complete the services due to your dogs aggressiveness, you will be notified immediately so that you can make an alternate plan for your pets care. Further, you will be responsible for your pet sitter’s medical fees should your dog bite or otherwise injure the sitter.

Shared Pet Visits w/ another Pet Owner

Due to our insurance policy and other factors, Tampa Pet Sitters can not accept any shared pet sitting services with friends, family or neighbors pets. If you need this service to be performed, each pet owner must have their own account with us with a pet profile for their pets with vet and vaccine information. They must also follow through with the same process of a “Meet & Greet” plus fill out all of the required paperwork(Vet Release Form, Emergency Pet Guardianship Form, and Contract.)

Job Sharing w/ another Sitter(non-TPS employed)/Friend/Family

Due to our insurance policy and other factors, Tampa Pet Sitters absolutely will not share any pet sitting duties with your friends, family, neighbors, or other Sitters. This is a huge liability and one we stand firm on. When your pet is in our care they are our sole responsibility. We have no control over the care you may receive from another person coming in your home. Furthermore, if you do have another person (friend/family member/neighbor/sitter) coming into the home while your pets are in our care, our responsibility is immediately waived the moment they step into your home. Should anything negative happen to your pet during this time, we do not assume responsibility. For example: if cousin Sally stops by for a swim and lets the dog out and the dog escapes, is injured, or becomes ill while in our care, we will not be held responsible and you must take up compensation with cousin Sally.

Guests Staying In Your Home

Tampa Pet Sitters reserves the right to politely decline to provide pet sitting services if you have family or guests staying in your home while you are gone due to liability concerns mentioned above. Again, if we do accept the assignment and you have another person (friend/family member/neighbor/sitter) staying in the home while your pets are in our care, our responsibility is waived should anything negative happen to your pet during this time.

Every Other Day” Pet Sitting

Can you come every other day for my pet? For safety reasons, we do not accept this type of scheduling for any animal. All service must be scheduled for at least 1x/day for cats, 2x /day for Birds and other small mammals, and 3x /day for dogs. This must be done in consecutive days, from your departure and arrival dates. This way if your pet gets stuck, becomes ill, or you’re heating/cooling/air system breaks, or any other myriad of issues that can arise, Tampa Pet Sitters can come to your pets rescue in time.

Household | Pet Supplies

We prefer that our clients leave enough pet & household supplies (i.e. food, litter, treats, medicine, cleaning supplies, ect.), however, we don’t mind “running to the store” if you don’t mind the additional charge for cost, time, and mileage. The most common supplies we request you leave out are: Food & Food/Water Bowls, Treats, Litter, Medications & Supplements, Leashes /Collars/Harness & ID Tags, Toys, Towels and/or Wipes for dirty feet & rainy days, Cleaning Supplies(please advise which products you prefer for what areas) such as cleaning sprays, paper towels, garbage bags, and a broom/vacuum/mop. Locations for these items will be discussed during the Meet & Greet.

**If you change the location of supplies, inform the sitter. Hidden leashes, insufficient litter, pet food, or even paper towels creates a hardship and waste of time. Supplies should always be easily accessible.

Emergency Contact Information/Emergency Vet Information

It is absolutely required that you give your pet sitter all of the necessary contact information at the time of your Meet & Greet or when calling to reserve your services. If Emergency Contact or Emergency Vet Information is not given, we will refuse service.

Weather Policy

Oh, the beautiful state of Florida. While we are well equipped to weather the elements and walk in all kinds of weather, On days where our ability to provide service is hindered by inclement weather, i.e. flooded road conditions, inability to see while driving, please keep in mind that we may need to adjust appointment times in order to compensate for travel time. If the weather is extreme (hot, cold, stormy) we may shorten your pet’s walk to protect both dogs and walkers. We will still visit with your pet for the allotted amount of time, however, this may have to be indoors. Please let us know if your pet has difficulty in any type of weather and would prefer that we spend time with your pet doing something other than an outdoor activity. In the event of a city declared emergency such as inclement weather, we reserve the right to cancel service during the declared emergency for the safety of our sitters.

Pet Sitting – Before you leave…

Please leave specific instructions relating to the current visit if there are any changes in routine. While we have the instructions in our Client Portal from the original consultation, things may have changed slightly from the previous visit. Also, please advise us if there is alarm code or key changes before you leave. Make sure we have up-to-date emergency contact info and emergency vet info in the case we are unable to get into your home or if there are questions or issues that arise while you are away. Please leave food, medications, special treats, or other pet care & cleaning products where we can easily see them.

"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language." - Martin Buber