Why should I hire a pet sitter/walker?

Pets are happier and experience less stress at home, this helps to reduce separation anxiety when you go on vacation.  It leaves diet and exercise routines uninterrupted, exposure to illness from kennels minimized, and best of all, your pet receives personalized attention. No need to rely on untrained neighbors or friends and no more transportation concerns. We can even administer your pets medication and injections while you are away.

What areas do you provide services?

We provide services to all areas in the 33611, 33629, and 33616 zip codes. For zip 3309, South of Kennedy & I-275. For zips 33606 & 33602, South of Kennedy. Includes Downtown, Channelside, Harbour Island, and Davis Island. Ybor is not serviceable at this time. For 33621, Services need to be requested in advance as MacDill AFB has strict rules for Non-Military to enter.

What do I do to get started with you?

You can head over to our “Contact Us” page where you will find our email information and phone number. You can also use the contact form on that page. Just let us know what type of service you are interested in, dates you will need the service, and please include your pets information. A name, type of pet, breed, and age will do! We will go over all the details and schedule a “Meet & Greet” in your home with you and your pet(s).

What is a Meet & Greet? And do I need it?

A “Meet & Greet” is where we come to your house and get to know you and your pet. We will go over their routines, feedings, medications, where and how to walk them, their likes and dislikes, favorite games or toys, ect. You can show us where everything is that we will need to care for your pet and we get to play with them so that they are familiar with us. This is mandatory as it is important for the animal to feel comfortable with the sitter. This is also the time you would give us the keys. We can come back to pick up keys, however, there will be a small charge to cover gas and time. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THE MEET AND GREET APPOINTMENT.

How far in advance do I need to book?

For all new clients, please book at least 1 week in advance. We will need time to set up a Meet & Greet to get to know you and your pets routine. For Christmas, Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, New Years Eve, and New Years Day, please try to book 2 weeks in advance. Those days fill up fast and are limited.

How are keys handled?


KEYS – Two Options – Option 1 : You can supply Tampa Pet Sitters with 3x copies of your house key. We will keep all keys in our key safe when service is not needed. One key is given to a primary sitter and one to a secondary sitter during your service period. The 3rd stays in the safe and will only be used in case of emergency if a key is lost or both Sitters become unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances. All keys are kept track of via the client portals key logging system and checked out to each Sitter who uses it and back in when they are done. In the event that a key is damaged or lost, you will be notified immediately and asked for another copy.

Option 2: If you do not wish to give us multiple copies of a key to hand out to Sitters, you can give us 1x copy to keep in our safe for emergencies only and purchase a Realtor Lock Box to keep a second key on your property for us to access. These can be purchased online at Amazon or at your local Lowes/Home Depot. To save you a trip, you may also purchase one from us for a one-time fee of $25 and is yours to keep. Simply place a key inside, provide us with the access code in your client portal, and place the lock box in an easy to reach area so we may enter your home.

CODE ACCESS – HOUSE – If we need a code to access your HOUSE, you must provide that in the client portal. We will also require 1x key to any entry to be kept on file for emergency use if access code fails and we can not reach you to get to your pet.

**PLEASE NOTE: We will make every attempt to contact you and your emergency contacts in your profile should we have any issues with Keys or Code Access. However, if no one can be reached and we have to order the service of a locksmith to get to your pets to make sure they are taken care of, you will be responsible for the entire bill.

**NO EXCEPTIONSWe will NOT pick up or leave keys “under the mat” or the like, and we will NOT lock the keys in the house on the last day. Keys should be given to the sitter during the “Meet & Greet.” If we need to come pick up the key at a later time there will be a Key Pickup fee of $10 to cover gas and time. We suggest that you let Tampa Pet Sitters retain your key for future service. Many of our clients enjoy the comfort of knowing that if something (i.e., working late and you can’t get to the animals, iron or stove left on, etc.) does come up, your pet sitter has a key and will be more than happy to help you out in a pinch. Keys will remain locked securely in a safe at the Tampa Pet Sitters headquarters for safe keeping. If you would prefer to have the key returned after services, you may schedule a Key Drop Off or we can return by certified mail. For either method a $10 Key Return fee will be applied.


CODE ACCESS COMMUNITIES/GATES/CALL BOXES – We require you to keep your code on file in your Client Portal Profile so that we may enter your community freely. If we need to use a Call Box to call you to let us in, we expect that you will do so within a reasonable time. We are happy to text you when we are on the way if this will help prepare you, please let us know before services begin if you wish to receive this text. If your Code fails to allow us to enter AND/OR we have trouble reaching you via the Call Box or by phone, we will wait to hear back from you until your visit time is over. Visit times may be shortened depending on length of wait time. Once that time is up, we must move on to the next visit during busy times. If we have to leave and then return at another time, you will be charged an additional visit. We will still need Key Access to the actual home via one of the 2x options above under our “Key & Access Policies – Keys.”

**PLEASE NOTE: We will make every attempt to contact you and your emergency contacts in your profile should we have any issues with Access Codes, Gates, or Call Boxes. Should those methods fail, we will contact the Office to your community. Any charges incurred from gaining access will be billed.

KEY FOB/CARD ACCESS – We ask that you provide us with at LEAST 1x Key Fob/Card to keep (2x is preferred) so that we may enter your community freely to access your home while you are away. We do understand that some communities are very strict with how many you may have. If you can not give us one to keep, and you can give us access via a Call Box or Code(see above Policy), you can leave your Key Fob/Card in your home for us to pick up at first service, use freely while you are gone, and leave in your home at the last service. If we can not gain access from you via a Call Box or Code(see above Policy), then you will need to arrange a Key Pickup & Drop Off. This means we will come pick up one of your key fobs/cards right before you leave so that we can use it freely while you are gone, then return it when you return. Key Pickup and/or Drop Off is a $10 fee(each) to cover gas, time, & mileage. We will not rely on access to your community via leasing office or following someone through the gate. We will still need Key Access to the actual home via one of the 2x options above under our “Key & Access Policies – Keys.”

Will I have the same sitter/walker every visit?

For the most part, we try to provide you with the same sitter or two each time you use our services. However, we usually have 3 or more sitters get to know your pet. That way if your main sitter is unavailable you have a couple back up Sitters that are completely familiar with your pet and their routine. These sitters will meet your pet at the Meet & Greet and you will know who is taking care of your pet prior to service and subject to your approval.

How will I know that the sitter has completed the visit?

When you sign up, we provide for you unique log in information to our pet sitting software. This system not only allows you to create profiles with information on your pets and home but, our sitters also use the same software to check in when they arrive to your home, check out when they leave, and upload a journal entry detailing the visit with a picture and time frame they were at your house. This is immediately emailed to you when they complete the visit. We also have GPS tracking on the back end so the office is aware of where your Pet Sitter is checking in and out from and when.

What time can you visit? Or can you visit at 8:88p.m. exactly?

We can schedule visits anywhere between 7am-11pm. However, we cannot guarantee an exact time of arrival due to driving distances, weather conditions, traffic, pet emergencies, or other unforeseen circumstances. We do ask for a 2 hour time frame and will accommodate your request within that time frame.

Do you handle aggressive pets?

Unfortunately we do not work with aggressive animals of any nature. The safety of your pet is vital, as well as the safety of our sitters. If your animal has shown aggressive behavior or bitten anyone in the past, we can not provide our services. We have a very strict No Aggression Policy, so if your pet does become aggressive or bite, we reserve the right to terminate service at any point and leave the visit. We provide a free Meet & Greet appointment before any service is rendered. This is important because it allows your pet time to get familiar with us and our sitters to avoid any issues with your pet and their first visit with us.

Are you or your sitters bonded and insured?

Yes. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We would be happy to provide you that information during out first Meet & Greet.

What kind of pets do you care for?

Mostly dogs and cats. But, we also care for: Parrots or other birds, rabbits, pigs, other small mammals, goats, and turtles. We can also care for other animals but,  please inquire for specifics.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept Credit Cards, Checks, & Cash payments. Cash & Check Payments are accepted only for Pet Sitting Services and must be paid in advance at the Meet & Greet. Otherwise a Credit Card will be needed to pay your invoice. For Weekly Dog Walking, we require a card on file due to our automated Invoice & Payment processing. If your check is returned from the bank, a $35 fee will be assessed.

Are there any Holidays you don't provide services?

We do provide services on the Holidays & Holiday Weekends. Those Holidays are: Easter, Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July, Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, and New Years Day.

We do request that you please try to schedule this in advance as spots fill up fast. 2 weeks advance is recommended.

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